На головну ГОЛОВНА Educational Process

Educational Process

Schedules of the educational process

ATTENTION!!!! Students and parents!

During the quarantine period on the matters of educational process and communication with teachers, please contact the Administrative coordinator Julia Karbovska by phone: 067-797-21-72; 063-034-11-32

Schedule of the educational process of the Full time mode of training in 2020/2021 Academic Year
The schedule of educational process of the Part time mode of training in 2020/2021 Academic Year

Student Knowledge Assessment Scale

ECTS Scale National Scale Educational Institution Scale
A Excellent 90-100
B Very good 83-89
C Good 75-82
D Sufficient 64-74
E Satisfactory 51-63
FX Unsatisfactory with Re-Ex possibility 26-50
F Unsatisfactory with compulsory re-taking of the Course 0-25
Types of evaluation of students’ knowledge are Formative (current and intermediate) and Summative (final) assessment.
Current evaluation is carried out during practical, laboratory and seminar classes. It aims to check the level of readiness of the student to perform a particular work.  
Intermediate evaluation is carried out after studying the program material of each content module, into which the lecturer of the discipline divides its educational material. Intermediate attestation should determine the level of knowledge of the student from the program material of the content module (rating assessment from the content module), obtained during all types of classes and independent work. Forms and methods of intermediate certification of mastering the program material of the content module are developed by the lecturer of the discipline and approved by the relevant department in the form of testing, written control work, the result of practical or laboratory work. Acquiring by the student of the program material of the content module is considered successful if its rating is not less than 51 points on a 100-point scale.
Final certification includes semester and state certification of the student.
Semester certification is conducted in the form of a semester exam / review or semester test in a specific discipline.
  • The semester exam  is a form of final evaluation of mastering by the student of theoretical and practical material on academic discipline for a semester.
  • Semester test – is a form of final evaluation, which consists in assessing the student’s mastery of theoretical and practical material (performed by him certain types of work in practical, seminar or laboratory classes and during independent work) in the discipline for the semester.
  • Differentiated credit – is a form of evaluation that allows to assess the implementation and mastery of the student’s internship program.

Lessons Timetable



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Ukraine, 04136 Kyiv, Pivnichno-Syrecka, 1-3

How to get there

«Nyvky» Metro st. — trolleybus № 5 (stop «Kvazar-Micro»)
«Nyvky» Metro st. — shuttle bus № 518 (stop «Kvazar-Micro»)
«Nyvky» Metro st. — bus № 32; shuttle bus № 537 (32) (stop «Kvazar-Micro»)
Minsky district — «Nyvky» Metro st. – shuttle bus № 537 (32) (stop «Kvazar-Micro»)
«Ploscha Lva Tolstoho»«Nyvky» Metro st. — shuttle bus № 575 (stop «Kvazar-Micro»)
«Syrets» Metro st. — trolleybus № 35; shuttle bus 439 (35) (stop Vyhovskoho Street) — 5 minutes walking along the Pivnichno —Syretska street