How we came to existance

Ukraine is gradually but surely entering the European and world economic space. The experience of developed countries shows that design is one of the key factors in this process. Hence the special requirements for the professional training of designers have been developed. Today they must be professionals with inexhaustible creativity who are able to design not only functionally useful, but also high quality, convenient, aesthetically attractive things. This actualizes the problems of professional training of designers in Ukraine. Nowadays, such preparation is an integral part of the overall higher education system and an effective factor in the development of the design culture of society.

For this purpose, in 1992 the Private Institution of Higher Education “Art College of Decorative Modeling and Design” was founded on the base of the Designer National University, and since 1995 a Design Studio for school children has been established in the College and since 1997 professional design courses and computer graphics for adults were organized. This helped to tackle not only training for youth  but also organize leisure and additional education for adults.

In 2000 the Art College became the basic educational institution of the newly formed public organization «Confederation of Designers and Stylists of Ukraine», which involved leading designers from Ukraine and other countries, as well as brought together the main staff resource of the Art College of Decorative Modeling and Design.

In order to ensure a complete cycle and continuity of design education, in 2004 the Institute of Decorative Modeling and Design (IV accreditation level) was established. Thus, a training complex of continuous art education was formed, providing a complete cycle of training for design professionals.

Since 2008 the Art Institute of Decorative Modeling and Design acquaired the name of the distinguished surrealistic artist Salvador Dali, which not only confirmed the creativity of the school, but also opened up new opportunities for international cooperation.

Since 2011 the Institute has been training foreign citizens at the Preparatory department and providing education in design specialties at the bachelor“s and master“s levels.

Since January 2019 the Institute has been renamed into Salvador Dali Academy of Contemporary Arts.


Our Features

The Art Academy of Contemporary Art named after El Salvador Dali (Level IV of accreditation) and the College of Art named after El Salvador Dali (Level I of accreditation) are modern higher education institutions where the content of vocational training is updated, advanced pedagogical and teaching teaching and teaching techniques are introduced.

The priorities of the educational process are the provision of high quality vocational education in the chosen specialties; formation of active civic position, self-esteem, readiness for creative activity, ensuring high ethical standards, an atmosphere of goodwill and mutual respect in the relations between the participants of the educational process. Becoming a future specialist is not possible without practical training, during which an individual design style is formed. The ART ACADEMY educational process adapts modern vocational training technologies, which provide high productivity and contribute to the development of creativity and creativity of future designers. An example is the systematic internship of students in the studios of well-known designers of Ukraine and other countries, production practices at existing enterprises, competitive activities (participation in festivals, competitions, exhibitions and fashion shows not only as competitors but also as part of a support group).

A distinctive feature of the institution is the training of mobile and competitive design professionals who seek creative development, professional growth and successful careers. Active cooperation with employers allows students to gain practical experience and courageously and confidently feel in the labor market after graduation. The learning system is built in a way that allows students to combine learning and work. The Salvador Dali Academy Academy’s motto is “Learn by Work”, and this applies not only to part-time, but also to full-time study. The offered forms of study allow to provide close contact with employers, promote the future employment, form the individual handwriting of the future designer, own style, develop creativity and creativity in the sphere of national design, which can be the basis for the formation of the author’s design school.

During the years of existence of the educational institution, about one and a half thousand students were graduated, who became proud and hope of modern design, because among them are famous designers-designers in Ukraine and abroad (winners of all-Ukrainian and international design competitions, Oksana Marchenko Costume Contest, etc.), stylists (chief stylist of the musical “Baron Munchausen”, stylist of the Lesya Ukrainka Russian Drama Theater, etc.), interior designers and computer graphic designers.


The brightest projects

Currently, the private institution of higher education “ART ACADEMY OF CONTEMPORARY ART named after El Salvador Dali” and PSPPF “Art College named after El Salvador Dali”, together with the children’s Design Studio and professional courses, is the basic educational complex of the Confederation of Designers of Ukraine. have formed a clear model of continuous-stage design education, which allows to provide diverse training of future specialists in all spheres and directions of ART-art. Innovative achievements of Finnish, German and Baltic design schools have been introduced into the educational process.

The needs of the labor market for highly professional designers have formed a clear model of a stepped-up continuous design education, which allows to provide diverse training of future specialists in all spheres and directions of ART-art. Innovative achievements of Finnish, German and Baltic design schools have been introduced into the educational process.

In 2004, on the basis of the Art Institute and the Art College, together with the Institute of Pedagogical Education and Adult Education of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, in coordination with its department of theory and history of pedagogical skills, a educational and scientific complex was created in which universities are experimental pedagogical sites. Since 2010, the Scientific and Methodological Center for the Development of Pedagogical Skills of Teachers in the Design Education System has joined the educational and scientific complex.

Since 2005, the collection of scientific works “Art Education: Content, Technologies, Management” began its existence. Since 2008 it has been awarded the status of a scientific publication and the stamp of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine.

The roundtable “Art education in the legal field” held was a resonant event. at the Salvador Dali Art Institute for Artistic Modeling and Design in October 2009 with the support and direct participation of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Science and Education, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, MMS of Ukraine.

Since 2011, with the support of the Institute of Pedagogical Science of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, the All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference “Trends in the Development of Russian Design and Design Education in the Dimensions of Time”, as well as the All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference have been held annually at Salvador Dali Art Institute of Decorative Modeling and Design Conference of students and young scientists “Art and Design: Traditions, Research, Prospects.” The relevance of the subject is of great interest to mature scientists, young scientists and students from all over Ukraine.

Since 2012, a good tradition at the Salvador Dali Art Institute for Decorative Modeling and Design has been hosting the Student Design Olympiads. Employers and partners of the Institute interested in supporting creative ideas are involved in the formation of the tasks of the Olympiad.
Among other significant events in the life of teachers and students, the following can be mentioned:
2002 – for the first time in Ukraine by the efforts of the Confederation of Designers and Stylists of Ukraine, the Art College of Decorative Modeling and Design and the Art Institute of Decorative Modeling and Design, the All-Ukrainian competition of fashion designers “Crystal Silhouette” was organized, which received international status later on;
2003 – the Bright Palette charitable children’s art contest was organized and patented (for older schoolchildren), the winners of which have the opportunity to study on preferential terms at the Art College and the Art Institute;
2005 – together with the Union of Advertisers of Ukraine, the REKS Advertising Festival was organized and is held;
2006 – the “ART-boom” magazine was published (new items of alternative art in Ukraine, the best works of students and teachers of the institute were eliminated)
2009 – in the framework of the international program to combat oncological diseases of the Nabat charity fund, student self-government of the Institute took patronage over the children’s department of the Kiev Cancer Center;
2011 – the All-Ukrainian charity competition of social advertising “Anti-AIDS” was organized under the auspices of the Kyiv City Hall.



The direction of the development of the educational and scientific complex, led by Salvador Dali ART ACADEMY of Contemporary Arts is to further improve the content of training of future design professionals, taking into account the specifics of professional training, due to the dynamics of the market and the extraordinary variety of content and nature of the work performed.

The search for new ideals, a new design paradigm of the 21st century, as well as bringing the design education system in line with those is relevant. Such an attitude will make it possible to predict and take into account the challenges of the future in modern educational practice.