Every year the number of international students to the higher educational institutions of Ukraine grows rapidly. Our country has always been open hearted and warm welcoming to international visitors. Those who look for quality and affordable education abroad should go for Ukraine.

The system of higher education in Ukraine is well developed and presented by numerous educational institutions which prepare leading experts in many areas of knowledge. The structure of the higher education in Ukraine corresponds to that of the majority of developed countries in the world. Ukraine joined the Bologna educational system in March, 2005 and began to develop actively a pan-European standard in the sphere of the higher education.


We would highlight 7 main advantages of higher education in Ukraine:


  • High educational standards;
  • Reasonable tuition fees;
  • World recognition of the Ukrainian diplomas;
  • 100 % obtaining visas by foreign entrants;
  • Learning Ukrainian/Russian in the language environment;
  • Rich student’s life;
  • New and unique cultural experience.