Admission to the higher educational institutions of Ukraine requires international students to go through a preparatory course for Russian/Ukrainian language skills.

At the Salvador Dali Institute students learn Russian/Ukrainian in-depth. With the assistance of qualified teachers, they acquire general speaking skills, and learn to read and write fluently in Russian/Ukrainian by the end of course. In addition, students study special terminology and get basic knowledge in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Technology, Literature, and Geography. After a final exam the learners are granted an international certificate to prove their knowledge of subjects.

In order to reinforce language skills a cultural program is organized on a weekly basis – students are have the opportunity to visit arts centers and exhibitions, museums, other social-cultural events, and participate in field trips.

In addition to the above, our students take part in international cultural and academic programs, mutually organized by European colleges and universities and our institution. 

Students are accommodated in a hostel with modern conveniences. Residence fees are extra and are paid by the students.

An International student or a group of students are admitted to the Department after they have provided the following documents:

  • a personal Letter of invitation  provided  by the Institute administration;
  • Birth Certificate original; notarized copy in Ukrainian or Russian;
  • Secondary School Certificate original; notarized copy in Ukrainian or Russian;
  • a valid passport; notarized copy in Ukrainian or Russian;
  • the latest Health Certificate;
  • 12 photos 3,5 х 4,5 (matt on a white background).

After administrative consideration you will receive an Invitation Letter which will enable you to  submit a visa application to the Ukrainian Embassy located in your country.