Ukraine gradually, but confidently, enters the European and world economic space. The experience of developed countries testifies: design is one of the key factors in this process. Hence there are special requirements for the professional training of designers. Today they must be experts with inexhaustible creative potential, who can design not only functionally useful, but also high-quality, comfortable, aesthetically attractive things. This actualizes the problems of professional designer training in Ukraine. Today, such training is an integral part of the overall system of higher education and an effective factor in the development of the design culture of society.

For this purpose, in 1992, the Private Higher Educational Institution Art College of Decorative Modeling and Design was founded on the basis of the National University «Designer», and then in 1995 the College created a Design Studio for school-age children and in 1997 courses of professional design and computer graphics for adults were added. That made it possible to effectively solve the issue of not only vocational guidance for young people, but also the organization of leisure and education for adults.

In 2000, the Art College became the basic educational institution of the newly created non-governmental organization “Confederation of Designers and Stylists of Ukraine”, which attracted leading designers from Ukraine and other countries, as well as the main personnel resource of the Art College of Decorative Modeling and Design.

In order to ensure the full cycle of the qualification levels and continuity of education the Art Institute of Decorative Modeling and Design (IV level of accreditation) was created in 2004. Thus, an educational complex which provides a complete cycle of training for specialists in design, has been formed.

In 2008, the Art Institute of Decorative Modeling and Design was named after the outstanding surrealist artist Salvador Dali, which not only became a confirmation of the creativity of the institution, but opened new opportunities for international cooperation.

Since 2011, the Institute has been providing training for international students at the Preparatory Department as well as professional training in the arts specialties at bachelor’s and master’s qualification levels.